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A Small Blog Update

I haven’t been blogging much as of late. Check out my Twitter (@mpeterworth) to stay current on the cool and interesting links that I find.


What it takes to be an undersea fiber cable

What it takes to be an undersea fiber cable

How many buildings do you own or manage?


Well, technically I could probably assign those buildings into any number of those categories. But it was just easier to list them all as Education.

UT medical school might cost $4.1 billion over 12 years

A proposed University of Texas medical school would start with a relatively modest annual budget of $23 million and grow in 12 years to a $510 million enterprise, according to cost estimates the American-Statesman obtained under the Texas Public Information Act.

The figures include debt financing of $233 million to build and equip a medical school campus with a classroom-administration building, a research facility and a unit for experiments involving mice and rats.

All told, the cost of the school for 12 years would be $4.1 billion.

E-mail to My Boss Today


I e-mailed my boss a question even though he isn’t here today. Looks like I’m left to answer my own question.

Texas Engineer Number 108820


Finally got my PE certificate framed.

Austin’s proposed electric rate increase could hit area school districts hard

Energy costs in the Austin district, which relies on the city-owned utility to provide about 95 percent of its electrical power, could rise by as much as $3.5 million, or about 25 percent, a year.

“That’s 60 teachers,” Austin school board President Mark Williams said Wednesday, doing a quick calculation based on the average teacher salary and benefits. “We are in a fixed-revenue situation where we can’t raise taxes without voter approval and we are already operating at a deficit.

Troubling times for local school districts. This is just another brick on an already heavy load.