Category 8 update from Anixter

There’s a lot of consensus within the industry to develop the next generation standard. As we are developing these standards, there is going to be a lot of market confusion as to what is the appropriate media type to use for speeds beyond 10 Gig Ethernet. On the TIA side, there’s the next generation task force group that’s actually working on the next generation cabling specification. The term that they’re currently using for the cabling system is Category 8. There are a few things that we know about Category 8:

1. Up to 50 meters

2. At least two connectors

3. Shielding to be determined—a lot of deliberation in the communities as to what is the appropriate media type.

via Category 8 | Anixter.

Click through for news from the IEEE side of things.

Photo via Flickr user vonKinder.


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