The Great Convergence: AV and IT


I am watching my SEs—all networking experts interact with our AV vendor partners’ SEs. I think IT guys will have no trouble getting the systems installed and functioning… to a point. They will have trouble tuning the DSPs to make great sound. So I think the hardware sales will be reduced for simpler equipment but I think there will be little effect for the kit used to “paint” with sound.

I think as IT buyers begin to understand this they will reach out and want the sound part designed and installed by people with that tuning skill. They will do the “enable the network” part. The installation, I think, will also be left to the AV installer, except for the IT backbone connections, which IT will supply.

It’s the last sentence that I’m working on for our in-house master specification. Where do we want the AV contractor to stop and the Telecom contractor to begin?

Photo via Flickr user dmitrybarsky


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About Matthew Peterworth

I currently work as a Technology Specialist at Henderson Engineers in Kansas City – a Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing (MEP) design firm. Prior to that I was a Project Manager for Information Technology Services (ITS), the central IT department at the University of Texas at Austin. As of July 2008 I am a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) through BICSI. And as of June 2011 I am a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in the great state of Texas. Please follow me on Twitter @mpeterworth.

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