U.S. adopting Cat 6A at less than half the worldwide rate

BSRIA's research showed the 2011 global cabling market reached its 2008 level after a significant decline in 2009 and growth in 2010. Steady growth is predicted for 2012-2014

BSRIA’s study of the global market for structured cabling in 2011 showed that the United States’ adoption rate of Category 6A systems – at 5 percent – lagged far behind the worldwide adoption rate of 12 percent. The worldwide average, though, is heavily skewed by Europe’s 29-percent adoption rate, which dwarfs that of every other world region. The Asia-Pacific region adopted Cat 6A at a 4-percent clip in 2011 and South Africa at 3 percent. The total worldwide adoption rate for the year was 12 percent.

It stands to reason that the upcoming wireless standard (802.11ac, aka ‘Gigabit Wi-fi’) will dictate that wireless access points be served by greater than ‘gigabit’, meaning ’10Gig’ or greater. Meaning Cat 6A or greater to the WAPs!

The US should definitely see an uptick in Cat 6A after this wireless standard gets finalized (sometime in 2013). See also: http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/254616/80211ac_gigabit_wifi_wha…



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