Great Q and A about DAS

CI&M: Can any or all parts of a DAS coexist with local area network (LAN) equipment, in the same telecommunications rooms, racks, pathways, etc.?

Dixon: Historically, separateness has been maintained. But that probably is an artifact of the fact that the DAS has gone in afterward. There is no reason it could not share the same racks and pathways. It can even share the same singlemode fiber. If you have a singlemode backbone, you can use that backbone as part of our DAS.

We say there are three pieces of a DAS installation???parts, heart and smarts. Parts are what we [at Corning MobileAccess and other manufacturer organizations] provide???active gear, splitters etc. ???Hearts??? is the installation labor???the individuals who typically have the relationship with the enterprise customer. And ???smarts??? come in the form of the systems integrator or RF VAR [value added reseller]. Historically, if you look at where the DAS market has come from and where it???s going, there have been a lot of changes, particularly in the past three years. Venues historically do not buy DAS. The systems were installed by the big carriers. Now that these venues see a DAS as an asset, they are installing them. You can put other systems onto a DAS; it is multi-carrier, multi-technology capable. Wireless medical telemetry is an example. Health-care providers are changing the way they carry the patient signal from one point to another. Many drivers have led to growth in the installation of DAS by end-users. As that has happened, the core base of RF systems integrators has gotten stretched pretty thin. Some professionals are seeing this opportunity and moving into that space.

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