AT&T used magnets to secure its 4G wireless infrastructure near Los Angeles


Metal and Cable Corporation, developer of the Magnemount Antenna Mounting System, recently was called upon by AT&T to secure the new antennas that expand the carrier’s 4G wireless network frequency range from 70 MHz to 2 GHz. In order to achieve the capacity upgrade, AT&T replaced 4-foot antennas with 8-foot antennas on a water tower owned by the Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) in Irvine, CA. The 25-foot-high, 1-million-gallon tank does not have an external tank-top flange to which antennas might be attached, so AT&T had to achieve a side-tank mount for its 8-foot antennas.

Metal & Cable Corp. further explains, “AT&T’s existing antennas were mounted using epoxy bond on the sides of the water tower tank and were loose due to extensive tank movement … A permanent solution was needed to replace them. The IRWD had mandated an alternative mounting solution – also ruling out capacitor discharge (CD) welding and spot welding, both of which would require tank shutdown for draining and also presented potential EPA issues involving maintaining the integrity of the tank’s membrane seals.”

Tasked with achieving a solution, Diversified Communications Services’ vice president and founder Steve Hurley contacted Metal & Cable Corp. about its Magnemount system. “The system is engineered with a series of permanent magnets that combine with an independently suspended mounting system to provide a non-invasive solution to adhere to the steel surfaces with varying curvatures of water towers, including side sectors,” Metal & Cable Corp. says.




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