Class-Action Lawsuit Against USGBC/LEED

Someone is suing the U.S. Green Building Council over their LEED “green building certification system”.


Having read through the lawsuit, it does bring up some valid points. (My commentary is in parenthesis.)

  • The USGBC claim that LEED buildings reduce energy use 25-30% over non-LEED buildings is not necessarily true. The LEED program is an arduous process; it is possible to reduce a building’s designed energy use and not pursue LEED certification.
  • That anyone could become a LEED-accredited professional. (This used to be true. Now the requirements are a little more strict – you have to actually worked on a LEED-accredited project in order to become LEED AP.)
  • The USGBC does not require any commissioning of LEED-certified projects, so there is no way of knowing or substantiating the claim of 25-30% energy reduction.

Certainly, that last claim is a big item that the USGBC needs to improve upon. Part of designing a super-energy efficient building is also making sure it performs up to those expectations.[via CEPro]


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