Edison’s DC Power in NY Still Used until 2007

With a degree in architectural engineering and at least half of my (four) engineering electives pertaining to electrical systems, I had only learned about designing Alternating Current (AC) power distribution. But before the AC power system was accepted and used throughout the country, Thomas Edison spearheaded Direct Current (DC) power distribution in New York starting in 1882.The amazing thing is that part of that DC power system in New York was still in use as late as 2007. Here’s an interesting blog post from the New York Times about the whole transition from DC to AC.



About Matthew Peterworth

I currently work as a Technology Specialist at Henderson Engineers in Kansas City – a Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing (MEP) design firm. Prior to that I was a Project Manager for Information Technology Services (ITS), the central IT department at the University of Texas at Austin. As of July 2008 I am a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) through BICSI. And as of June 2011 I am a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in the great state of Texas. Please follow me on Twitter @mpeterworth. https://twitter.com/mpeterworth

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